Tips for a Memorable Trip with your Pup

By: Maddie Nolley

I know as a Mother I always try to be very prepared. When I’m packing for a trip I have an entire checklist for my daughter. If I’m planning a trip for my family, and my animal is joining, shouldn’t I take the same precautions for them? Obviously, I’m going to pack food and a bowl, but having a checklist for your animal can be very helpful. Even more importantly, it can prevent illness and help keep your pet safe.

-Food and Bowl
-Water and Bowl
-Protective Clothing (if they wear it)
-Dog Safe Insect Repellent
-Dog Safe Sunscreen
-Poop Bags

To help prevent your dog from getting car sick especially on a long trip, try to feed them at least 2-3 hours before you start your road trip. I don’t know about anyone else, but I would hate getting my vacation started off to cleaning up vomit. Especially when it can be prevented.

Keep in mind if you are going between states, you may need a health certificate issued by a veterinarian. It’s always good to double check this just to ensure the safety of your pet.
It is also a good idea to be make sure your pet is up to date on flea and tick medication, and all their vaccinations, such as Rabies and Bordetella. Also, update tags in case your animal gets away, or if an emergency happens, you can ensure that you can find them, or that somebody else can contact you.

Keep up with a routine. When I go on a trip I still eat my normal meals (a lot more because it’s vacation). Nevertheless, I still eat around the same time, so try to keep your pets’ meals on a routine. It can be stressful and not as enjoyable if they start to wonder…” Where’s my food?”. Plan your trip and route as well. Make sure you have your hotel rooms booked, so that you don’t get to your destination(s) and not be able to get a room for your family (pup included).

Planning always makes things more relaxing. Have fun this Spring/Summer, bring your pet to join in on the fun!

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