A Private Dog Park for Your Best Friend.

About Sniffspot

Sniffspot is a separate entity that allows you rent to our yard on most Saturdays for just you and your dog(s). It was designed especially for dogs who are not as social, and do not enjoy the company of other dogs, but need a space to run, play and be a dog. You can make reservations here.

The Space

You’ll have access to an almost half acre of completely fenced in space for your dog to run and play. The fence is an eight foot tall, vinyl privacy fence, with a buried anti-dig guard. Once you make a reservation, you’ll have access to the private entrance. There are several pieces of play equipment for your dog to explore, as well as shade during summer months for you to escape the sun. Fresh water is always available, and you are more than welcome to pop inside to use the restroom as needed. An inside space is sometimes available as well during inclement weather, but be sure to check, as there may be a training class occurring during your booking.

How do I reserve a time?

Bookings are only available on Saturdays. This is due to the operating dog daycare Monday through Friday and dogs being let out in groups throughout the day. To see the available locations, visit or to reserve a time at our spot, click here.

Important Information:

Once you reserve a time, you will receive a message to stop by the lobby on your first visit. That is to receive a quick tour, and drop a copy of your dog’s vaccinations. We do require a copy of vaccinations as we are an operating dog daycare.

Sniffspot Pricing

Every Sniffspot has different pricing.

  • The pricing at the Doggie Depot Location is $5.00 per hour for the first dog
  • Each addition dog is 50% off
  • We are currently not offering memberships, however, if enough visitors request it, we may offer them in the future

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