What Makes Us The Premier Dog Daycare in Winchester?

June 8, 2017

By: Laura Schleef


What Makes the Doggie Depot of Virginia the “Premier Dog Daycare in Winchester”?


Besides being the only dog daycare in Winchester, our employees truly care for your pets. We spend time getting to know their personalities while we play and snuggle with them. In addition to experience with care for animals, all employees are trained in dog body etiquette, body language, daycare evaluations, canine first aid/CPR, several OSHA topics and how to handle emergency situations with your pet such as severe weather.


I began dog training as a hobby several years ago and recently completely the Karen Pryor Dog Trainer Foundations course. When I decided to take the plunge last year and start my own business, I researched several areas. There were some with fewer (to no) restrictions on dog businesses, but coming back to the Shenandoah Valley near friends and family was important. The fact that the Winchester area is growing and there was not currently a dog daycare cinched the deal!


So, what makes us a premier dog daycare? We care enough about your pets to ensure safety is a priority. We make sure doors and gates are secure, and dogs are leashed coming and going out of building. We ensure a solid evaluation process and don’t put dogs together that won’t play well. We ensure our checklists are in place and are followed, this includes sanitation and security. Our inspections are done timely and our license, public notice, safety pledge, mission and values are proudly displayed.


Is that it? Of course not! Your pet will receive play time, snuggle time and rest time through the day. Fresh water is always available, which means your pet will receive plenty of potty breaks throughout the day! We will also work on minor training cues, such as “Sit”, “Down” and “Stay” while at daycare. We do require pets be neutered or spayed once they reach the age of seven months, but for those who are older and are still intact, we do offer Social Time on Saturdays. Owners do stay with the dogs during Puppy Play time and Happy Hour, so we can give tips on how to read interactions between dogs while they play.


Of course the above isn’t all that makes us the “Premier Dog Daycare in Winchester”, we also offer dog training. We were fortunate to be able to sign on Jen Tavenner as our Dog Trainer. Jen previously had her own dog training business and specializes in training dogs with behavioral issues, including displays of aggression. She has taken on the task of conducting obedience classes, including puppy, beginner, intermediate and advanced. For those wishing to learn how to train their dog using a clicker, I can step in and teach the mechanics.


Do you still have questions on what makes us the “Premier Dog Daycare in Winchester”? Stop on in for a tour and to find out! We look forward to meeting you and your pet!

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