“I had to…” by Suzanne Clothier

I regularly promote the use of treats and praise in training, rewarding the wanted behaviors instead of correcting unwanted behaviors. I have studied scientifically based force-free training, which has shown dogs do learn and retain what they learn using positive reinforcement just as well, if not better than using corrective methods. Sadly, we do still see prong, choke and e-collars (shock) still in use in the name of training. What I don’t understand is why use tools that have been banned in other countries as inhumane and harmful when there are other techniques available to train? I would much rather have a dog who is happy and safe versus one who is shut down and afraid of me. Here is an article from Suzanne Clothier in regards to why some trainers say they use these tools: https://suzanneclothier.com/article/i-had-to/

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